Good Stuff about Sailing!

1. It is easy to learn how to sail a boat.

2. Sailing solo in a sail boat can occur within one hour of instruction.

3. Sailing does not cost very much compared with other sports.

4. You can sail almost any time:
      day or night
            winter or summer
                  rain or sunshine
                       alone or with others

5. Sailing allows you to relax and reduce stress by redirecting your mental focus.

6. Sailing encourages self confidence because you can take charge of your achievements.

7. Sailing permits enjoyment during incremental learning and skill development.

8. Sailing may be an individual or a family affair in casual or competitive environment.

9. Sailing allows personal "quiet time" and "awareness" to enjoy and experience nature.

10. You are seldom more than 2 hours away from a place to sail a boat.

11. You do not need a score card to enjoy this sport and reach your goal.

12. You don't need uniforms, officials, or competitors to engage the elements.

13. Sailors help each other get the most out of sailing.

14. Sailing is no longer only for the affluent, it is available to every economic level.

15. Sailors always have new experiences every time they face the wind.

16. Sailing is safe sport. It is safer than canoeing, cheer leading, bike riding, riding a car,
scuba diving, flying, riding a PWC. Sailing risk is 0.03 fatalities per 100,000 participants.

17. Swimming skill is not a requirement for sailing. Wearing a PFD is the best gear for sailors.

18. Sailors are seldom grumpy after a sail. Sailors invented "happy hour" because
they get attitude adjustments through sailing.